Fire, Earth, Sea, Forests

Bryss Sholthelthudd

Welcome to Farynshire – England’s best kept secret.

This website is an ongoing project to record and celebrate the county’s rich history, myths, language and Peoples.

Farynshire is known as the county of many lands because of its diverse landscape. The Atlantic crashes on the rugged coastline, and the Daggerrock Mountains rear up in the east as a formidable boundary between Farynshire and the rest of England.  In between the coast and the mountains you will find gentle, rolling countryside, wild forests, tumbling rivers, and cities, towns and villages rich in history, culture and legend.  Farynshire’s lands shape its people as much as the people try and shape the lands. 

This site features posts written by contributors from around the county.  You can find posts in the menus on the righthand side of this page. The subjects vary and more posts are added every month.

If you are new to Farynshire a good place to start are the travelblogs written by Mabel Govitt.  You can find the first one here.

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