This site is dedicated to the English county of Farynshire, which sits between the Daggerrock Mountains and the sea.  Its natural borders have isolated it somewhat from the rest of England, and as a result its own unique cultures have developed.  Its own language, Musril, is still widely spoken, particularly around the coastal city of Riversouth and in the mountains.  The capital of Farynshire is Rookpot, a city that sits upon a steep tor in the middle of the county.

This site accepts posts about anything to do with Farynshire.  It is hoped that it will act as a repository of materials for those who want to visit the county, learn about its history, or read about the many myths and legends.

Contributors to the site include travel bloggers, historians, journalists and latterly a writer known only as Ammaceadda who submits pieces on the controversial happenings and circumstances in Rookpot and the wider county.